3D: A Sci-Fi Excited Fad or a Revolutionary Stepping Stone?

Whenever you go to a 3D movie, what do you think after you leave?  Could be that your eyes hurt, or how you couldn’t focus on the movie, maybe even how frustrated you are for paying an extra five bucks for nothing but annoyance.  That’s the 3D I know.  Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like I can never get into the movie and just zone out into the story.

With these new devices like the 3DS, and all those 3D TVs out today, this is all apparently taken away.  No annoyance, just more immersion.  I haven’t tried these devices, but I’m sure they are not totally what they say they are.  These TVs are just the movie screen but once you buy it you are stuck with this terrible annoyance.  Then when you are sitting there with your 3D glasses on watching the news asking yourself why you did this and how stupid you look sitting there.

The only thing that I will give a respect to is the 3DS because really, Nintendo has never let us down.  That said I still don’t think that it will be perfect or anything, I still expect that 3D to be shit and get the same frustration I have with movies.  But that has a switch to turn it off, making it worth its price.

It doesn’t stop there, however.  If you didn’t know, Alienware has now made a laptop with 3D capabilities.  I give dell props just because they are exploring a new realm of gaming, but really, this is going to be a bigger waste than the movies.  Who wants to sit there gaming, but not be able to zone out?  That’s like a huge part of gaming.  This is why I think 3D will always fail when it comes to gaming, at least for the time being.  You just can’t concentrate with the 3D, even if it was really good and you could hardly notice it, it would just be annoying in most games.

So when will 3D really be useful?  I believe that 3D is just a stepping stone for something better.  Maybe virtual reality or even holographic images.  It is a necessary step for the timeline of technology, but it is nowhere near better than classic screens for the times being.


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The Future

After getting home yesterday, I went on my computer to check out some new videos on YouTube.  I watch a couple and come upon the last new one, iOS4 feature breakdown.  That’s when it hit me.  I had forgotten that iOS4 had come out this morning!  So I shoved my iPod plug into the USB and clicked update, and was greeted with a window that said please wait 20 minutes while iOS4 is being downloaded.  Great.  Sigh……

After 20 long minutes of staring at a growing bar, it finished.  Then it started to backup my iPod and install the new OS.  Another 15 minutes.  Sigh…….

After the long wait, I started to organize all my apps into folders and explore the new OS, or iOS.  But this blog isn’t going to be some boring list of new iOS4 features.  Go on Apple’s website if you want to read that.

While playing with the new iOS, I realized how amazing this device I was holding in my hand really was.  It can sense the heat of my finger, and respond in a fraction of a second.  It can do calculations 1000000000x faster than I can, and it is a ton smaller than me.  I have no idea how this thing works at all, and that made me realize how complicated these things must be.

These pieces of technology – computers, touch screen devices, phones – are amazing.  What I really don’t understand is how some people figured this stuff out.  They must have geniuses.  How did they figure out a way to make a chunk of silicon calculate algorithms, or a screen of tiny lights display an image, or a tiny piece of whatever a receiver is, receive data wirelessly!  I just have absolutely no idea.

This is what makes some of us geeks.  Just the extraordinary things technology can do for us and the complexity of that technology.  So this is my question for you.  With all this amazing stuff coming out, what do u think will be the next product?  What do you think people at different companies will make next? Post you thoughts below.

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What really is Apple?

What first comes to mind when you think of Apple?  Computers? iPhone or iPod touch?  iPad?  A combination of them all?  Whatever happened to apples?  You know, the fruit?  Oh yeah, I ate them.

What first come to mind when I think of Apple is questions.  What will they create next?  What will the next product look like?  What will I think of it?  When will I be able to afford an Apple computer?  All these questions prompt me to ask myself, What really is Apple?  What do they contribute to the tech universe?

To answer, let’s explore what they have done.  Their first product was a computer.  They created their own OS with the intentions of new thinking.  Then they created the iPod, connecting media on a portable platform.  Then they created the iPhone.  Now this is when it gets interesting.  Apple releases this amazing new phone, with a touch screen, accelerometer, and all these other great features.  What do other companies do?  They look at the iPhone and think oh yeah I never thought of it that way.  Then they look at the sales, and realize that they should create a product like the iPhone.

Even before the iPhone, we can see patterns such like the previous one.  When they created their new OS, it focused on new thinking, as I said before.  What “new thinking” am I talking about?  I’m talking about media players, and media creators.  Before Apple, there really was no refined and well working media creator.  What did other companies say?  Oh yeah I never thought about it that way.

Can you see a pattern yet?  Here’s another example.  Apple made the iPod, the first reasonable portable music player.  What did other companies do? I think you know.

This is called innovation.  That’s exactly what Apple is.  They are innovators, revolutionaries, inventors, and sometimes called magicians.  Instead of seeing the device for what it is, they see the device for what it could be.  They look behind the wall of minimized technology, and create what they see behind it.  They push current technology forward and older technology back.  They create the devices of the future, while the rest of the companies are struggling behind them, attempting to keep up.

They don’t just push the technology forward; they pass it by creating products of extremely high quality, and products that last much longer than any other knock off.  Everyone who has any Apple product, is able to keep it for a long time.  One of my friends has a Macbook that he had for four years before it broke.  And it didn’t even really break!  It still works, sometimes it just spazzes out and shuts down.  I’ve had a Dell M1330 (never get it) for less than a year and it is already broken in so many different ways that I can’t count.  Apple creates the product, and prices it as low as they can.  This is why Apple computers cost so much.  It’s not because they are trying to rip you off or some shit like that.  They just cost a lot to produce, because they are so high quality.  Would you rather buy an Apple computer for $1000, or a Dell computer for $500 which you have to pay an extra $600 for repairs to make it last as long as an Apple computer?

Post you opinions below and I will be sure to respond.

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I will be doing more blogs like this, so stay tuned and be sure to post you opinions!

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Jailbreaking with Blackra1n and Spirit

Jailbreaking has always been a risky subject, for me.  I always had this paranoiac thought in the back of my head saying, it will mess up your iPod don’t do it!  I researched it a bit more and decided to try it.  So, I looked up a tutorial and started to do it.

All of my sources told me to use blackra1n, so I did.  I plugged in my device, backed up all my music, videos, and such, and went to www.blackra1n.com.  After clicking on the windows symbol and downloading it, I started it up and was greeted with a pleasant, “make it rain”.  After clicking it, I was greeted with yet another pleasant message saying that there was some file missing.  I dismissed it and on the blackra1n window, I saw that it said “waiting for device”.

After waiting a couple of minutes I decided, it’s not going to work.  So I looked up the error message I got and realized that I had to put it in some different folder where all the files were.  After putting it in the right place, I made it rain again.  My iPod went into recovery mode and rebooted, another pop up said, “Your device is jailbroken!”  Happy to see that message, I closed blackra1n and unplugged and rebooted my iPod, and was greeted with the pleasant screen of plug your iPod into iTunes.  Wait…..what?  It is supposed to work just like that.  So, I recovered my iPod and tried again, didn’t work.  Tweaked it and tried again, didn’t work.

After repeating this process I gave up on it and decided to search for another method of jailbreaking.  I came up with this on Google: http://www.ithinkdiff.com/jailbreak-ipod-touch-2g3g-with-os-3-1-23-1-3-with-spirit-untethered-for-all-devices-96712/.  This doesn’t look too bad.  So, I plugged in my iPod, and opened Spirit, and clicked jailbreak.  Then it said your iPod is jailbroken!  After quitting the application, my iPod rebooted and I had Cydia.  My iPod was jailbroken by clicking one button.

At this point, I was saying to myself, you are such an idiot for not doing this earlier.  Then I continued on the explore jailbreaking and all its goodness.  I downloaded emulators and ROMs, and themes, and now my iPod looks awesome and can play Pokemon.

So what I’m trying to say is that if your want Cydia on your iPod quick use Spirit.  Don’t use blackra1n.  If you want the other two jailbreaks on blacra1n your going to have to use that but if you want Cydia, then Spirit is the way to go.

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Asus VH232H LCD Monitor Review

My monitor is probably the product I was least impressed with in my computer setup.  I was still very impressed with this monitor, and I’m not saying it’s bad, but I was just EXTREMLY impressed with all my other parts.

If you’re looking for a monitor that is cheap, yet still packs a good amount of punch, and has decent speakers, then this monitor will be fine for you.  This monitor is available for around $170, and by my standards, that is a great price.  Other monitors with worse specs cam come in at $300, so I think that this is a great deal.

Let’s talk about specs.  This monitor features a 20000:1 color ratio, full HD 1080p display (max resolution 1920 x 1080), 5ms refresh time, decent speakers, and tilt stand adjustments.  It is 18.01″ x 13.42″ x 7.22″ (W x H x T) (thickness determined with stand), and weighs 12.13 lbs.

It has full HD 1080p, so everything comes out crisp and sharp, no blurriness, or anything like that.  It has a 20000:1 color ratio, making colors vibrant, and clear, but not as vibrant as an apple display or anything like that.  It has a good refresh time so everything is smooth.  The speakers are okay, but not great.  They remind me of a Macbook’s speakers, not good bass, but good everything else.  They work well for everything but since they lack in bass, listening to rap or hip hop with a lot of bass can get not as enjoyable as listening to it with good headphones or speakers.  It also has a D-Sub, a DVI, an HDMI, and there is a audio jack port for the speakers, and it comes with a chord, so that’s nice.

One interesting thing is the OS sort of thing that controls the brightness and contrast and such.  There are 5 modes you can put the monitor in; Scenery, Standard, Theater, Game, and Night View.  These all come in handy when doing those certain things, and the settings just mess with the contrast and all that to give you the best viewing experience possible.  The only bad thing about the OS is how you use the 5 buttons on the bottom of the monitor to control it, and sometimes, it can get confusing.

This monitor DOESN’T HAVE A WEBCAM OR MICROPHONE.  This is the one downside and it is pretty big, so if you’re going to buy this monitor you should purchase a webcam along with it.

Overall, this monitor is an amazing buy, and it has get bang for your buck, so if you’re in the market, this is a great buy.

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Logitech Performance Mouse MX Review

One mouse to rule them all…..One mouse to find them….One mouse to bring them all….And in the darkness…..point the cursor to the brightness up button.  Another great treasury from Logitech, the Performance Mouse MX.  I’m going to tell you up front the price is a little high at $100, but seriously this is the BEST MOUSE EVER MADE.

Every time you put your hand around this mouse, you feel at home.  Your hand feels in a natural position and you feel like you could just sit there for hours feeling the mouse.  This is because of the ergonomic design.  This type of design dramatically lowers the risk of carpel tunnel because the shape makes it so there is absolutely no stress on your fingers.

Do you remember that feeling of stretching your hands after the long hours of game play just because they are so uncomfortable?  I remember that and I hated it.  After choosing the best quality mouse out there, I can play for 12 hours straight and only feel stress from my keyboard hand.  Not saying I have done that but I assume it wouldn’t stress your hand too much.

On the top on the mouse, it is plastic, but it is the smoothest plastic I have ever felt, and it almost feels like there is some sort of mat type of thing on it.  Around the thumb area, there is a chrome strip, which really compliments the black top, and on that chrome, there is a forward and back buttons, programmable of course, and just below those there is a zoom button, also programmable.  On either side of the mouse, where your thumb, pinky and ring finer go, there is a matish rubbery substance that it very smooth and comfortable.  There is yet another programmable button inside the thumb cradle, effortlessly accessible by our thumb.

Another one of the great features on this mouse is what Logitech calls Darkfield.  This is new technology that Logitech has developed, and it makes your mouse be able to track on, pretty much anything, even glass.  I haven’t found a single flat surface that it can’t track on, and I am overall extremely impressed with the quality of this laser.

Logitech has yet another new technology they call Unifying Receivers.  First of all, the receivers are about as big as my thumbnail, and when plugged in, they stick out ¼ of an inch.  That is pretty impressive, but to dazzle you more, they even made this tiny receiver receive data from all of your other wireless Logitech Unifying enabled devices.  For instance, I also have the Logitech K350 wave keyboard, enabled with Unifying, and I only need to have one receiver plugged into my desktop.  Just because Logitech is awesome, they also include a receiver extender, so that you can plug in into your desktop on the ground, but the receiver will be on your desk, with the most optimal conditions for receiving data.

Last but not least, let’s talk about battery life.  The mouse comes with one AA rechargeable battery, and lasts about 2 weeks, for me, until I see the indicator go to 2 bars instead of 3, but I think it could last me a month and a half, taking all the juice out of it.  That’s pretty heavy use too, I’d say around 2 to 3 hours a day of constant use.  It does come with a USB to wall charger with a chord that plug into the front of the mouse, so you can still use the mouse while it is charging, which, I think is great.  The scroll wheel also has two settings where you can do regular scrolling or “hyperscrolling”, which I find absolutely useless, but it is still fun to play with.  It is pretty much a “frictionless” scrolling where the wheel just keeps going for a while after you stop actually pushing it.

The only one downside to this mouse is that it spoils your hand.  After using it a couple days, and you try to go back to a crappy old mouse, you will feel the difference.  Overall, this is THE BEST MOUSE EVER, as I said before.

Next, I will review my 21.5” monitor from Asus, so stay tuned.

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For more on the Logitech Performance MX Mouse, check out Logitech’s website: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/mice_pointers/mice/devices/5845

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Coolermaster Cosmos S Case Review

At first glance, the Coolermaster Cosmos S just looks huge. Its big, it’s bulky, and it’s heavy. It weighs in at around 30 lbs, and it is 24.72″ x 10.47″ x 23.54″ (L x W x H). But as far as looks and performance goes, I couldn’t be happier. This thing just looks amazing, and there is enough space inside the case to fit anything you could ever need. Throughout the case, it has a tool less design, so say if you were trying to put in a disc drive in one of the 7 drive bays, you would just have to put it in and press a button and it would be secure. No screws or anything. It also has 2 huge metal bars on the top that help you carry it, or just slide it around. There is also 2 on the bottom that serve as feet.

This thing cools amazingly. It comes with 2 120mm fans that push warm air out of the case, located on the back and top of the case, and one massive 230mm and one 120mm intake fan located on the front and side of the case. However, you can add 2 more fans on the top, and one on the bottom. It also has holes for water cooling and on the top, a huge space for the system itself. There are also dust filters over all the fans, which is very convenient. It also has a touch sensitive power button, which can get annoying for some, but for me, I have no problem.

This case also features a nice front panel with a slide cover for the ports which is always nice. The front panel conveniently has 4 USB ports, a headphone and microphone jack, a firewire 800, and an eSATA port. These make accessibility very easy and provide many multimedia devises to be plugged in at the same time. I don’t really know why you would need 6 different devices plugged in at once, but it’s always good to have the option.

One thing I was very happy with was this thing they included to help you screw in your motherboard. It is a sheet of paper that goes over the motherboard tray and it has holes in it that show you where to put in the screws for your motherboard. It made the process so much easier and it’s just one of those little details that makes you love the product. (Picture below)

Another thing this case does great is cable management. When you open up the side that doesn’t have the motherboard, there is a huge space for cable management, which improves airflow dramatically.

This case is overall, amazing. The only huge downside is the price point, which is around $170 onwww.newegg.com. But if you are looking for a great case with amazing airflow, cable management, build quality, and accessibility, this case would be the best one around.

My next blog will be about my Logitech Performance MX Mouse.

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